Nuevas posibilidades protésicas – Flujo One abutment One time

Barcelona, 17 de Noviembre de 15:30h a 19:00h.

Madrid, 18 de Noviembre de 9:00h a 14:00h


  • Diferentes posibilidades protésicas en función del tratamiento
  • Ventajas de las bases de titanio con tornillo dinámico y de los pilares multiunit con tornillo dinámico
  • Presentación de casos y follow-up en zona anterior y posterior
  • Taller con material de MegaGen · Turno de preguntas
  • Planificación implante inmediato, extracción virtual y diseño tapón customizado con software open source.

Dr. Bruno Christian Spindler

  • 1991 Gradation at Dental school of Freiburg, Germany / DMD
  • 1991-1992 assistant doctor and research associate at University of Freiburg, Chairman Prof. Jörg Strub
  • 1993 PhD (magna cum laude), University of Freiburg
  • 1993 – 1995 professional development in surgical practice
  • 1995 several clinical traineeships in USA, (e.g. Nevins, Melzer, Becker)
  • 1996 established in own private practice with activity emphasis on dental implantology, periodontology and esthetic dentistry
  • 2005 education to independent expert of Association of dentists in Baden-Württemberg
  • 2006 successful constitutional complaint to legalize the Internet presence of dentists & a regional council complaint to use centrifuges for PRP
  • 2010 opening dental milling center for metal free prosthetics
  • 2012 starting project dental abutments with “Abutments4life” – supported by Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) to reduce the risk of Peri-Implantitis and to get soft-tissue adhesion on abutments
  • 2014 delegate in German Team at “World Team Treatment Planning Championships” by SSC (Seattle Study Club)
  • 2015 starting BMWi supported project “Zahnfee” to define a standard for bonding superstructures to abutments
  • 2017 starting BMWi supported project “Hierarchically structured Nano-Surfaces to achieve tissue adhesion on implants & abutments”. Meanwhile supported by European fundings.
  • 2019 Ambassador of Cleanimpants- Foundation
  • 2020 opening industrial production with additive & subtractive manufacturing

Scientific activities focused on nanostructured surfaces, emergence profile, corrosion, and new biocompatible alloys.

International lectures about:

  • The “Digital dental practice”
  • Zirconia implants and biocompatible prosthetics on top of them
  • Digital treatment planning (backwards-planning) · CAD/CAM integration in daily routine
  • Implant prosthetics screw retained or cemented?

Some Numbers about my dental practice:

  • ~ 2600 residents living in „Oppenau“, Black-Forest
  • 25 years ago dental practice opened with patient #1
  • > 10700 patients today ~ 428 new patients each year
  • ~ 35 employees working in 7 treatment-rooms in 2 shifts
  • 3 dental technicians working in own dental lab (1 MDT)
  • > 4500 ceramic restorations made with Cerec II & III since 1996
  • > 11000 implants placed and provided with prosthetics, 0 referrals
  • 100% metal free and digital dental practice · > 14000 units of Zirconia crowns placed

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  • Material MegaGen para la práctica.